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Class Adventure Travel Fifteen Today! April 1997-2012

Fifteen years ago this month, in April 1997, Class Adventure Travel ‘s company founders, and present day directors, Bart and Karin, opened our first office in Lima, Peru. Arriving in Lima from Holland, Bart and Karin were armed with just a few borrowed bucks and big ideas of building a successful Latin America travel company, thus turning their passion for traveling into an actual, bonafide career. This was the dream!

Way back when in the 1990s!

“It all started in 1995 when I was traveling through one of Ecuador’s innermost jungles, spending some time living it rough and experiencing the Amazon. It was in the middle of some spectacular jungle trail (after being bitten by a spider and cured by a cacique!), where the idea first came to me. It all centered around two of my deepest wishes; firstly that of turning my greatest hobby (travel, of course!) into a professional way of living, and secondly to help build bridges between Latin America and the rest of the world.¨ Bart De Graaf

So, after a little planning they decided to get out there and try it! Learning the ropes on the ground, they got through their first year in business powered by sheer enthusiasm and lots of first-hand practice. After the groundwork was laid, CAT Travel began to expand and evolve gathering momentum and people along the way and opening offices in Cusco, Sao Paulo, Buenos Aires and Costa Rica.

CAT Travel Team Lima!

After fifteen years in the business we are all very proud to be here in Latin America, holding true to Karin & Bart’s original intention of sharing our passion for Latin America with the world. Working in this incredible and inspiring continent is a dream come true, every day!

To celebrate fifteen years of traveling and adventure fifteen people from the CAT Travel team will share with us their inspiration and favorite places to travel in Latin America. Check back soon for the first in the series!

Karin & Bart fifteen years on