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Festivals and events in Peru: April – May 2012

Semana Santa (Easter) is just around the corner, and all over Peru people are preparing to celebrate. Unlike the  relatively  low-key event that it generally is in the US, Semana Santa is one of largest events in Peru and it´s a great time for a trip to Peru.  With processions, reenactments, costumes and events all week, Peru’s cities and villages come alive with color and celebration. If you can´t be there for Semana Santa this year there are plenty more events in Peru all year round. Here is a round up of the festivals and events in Peru that are coming up over the next two months.

♦ April 15th Peruvian Paso Horse Festival

Parading Paso Horses

The Peruvian Paso Horse is a specific breed of horse known for its smooth gait and good temperament. They have been bred in Peru for centuries and these elegant creatures will be out in all their finery for this annual show just south of Lima.

Where? Around 20m south of Lima


♦ May 3rd Fiesta de la Cruz

Peruvian folk musicians

The festival of crosses is a religious festival where local church communities decorate crosses and form processions to nearby churches in thanks for bountiful harvests. As always in Peru the festivities are accompanied by folk music and dancing. There is one particular dance, known as the scissor dance, where dancers used to compete to perform the most daring moves on top of church bell towers! Today, dancers still compete with dare-devil moves, but a little closer to the ground.

Where? All over Peru, but mostly around Lima, Cusco  and Ica


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