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Our Favorite Activities in Brazil from Rio to the Amazon

Having explored and shared with you our highlight Brazilian destinations in our last travel blog article, we thought we would whet your appetite some more with a selection of our favorite activities in Brazil.

The steamy Brazilian Amazon, the beauty of Rio de Janeiro and the jaw-dropping Iguacu Falls are incredible but what makes them unforgettable are the experiences you can have and share in each destination.

Here are just a few in a very long and awesome list we have of activities to do in each destination, customizing your vacation experience in Brazil just the way you want it.

Iguazu Falls

♦ Explore the waterways of the Brazilian Amazon
Flying into the rainforest city of Manaus you’ll be amazed at the sight of the expanse of the lush Amazon rainforest with its dark blue rivers winding and cutting their way through the green landscape. Traveling into the Amazon is one of the world’s most unique and spectacular travel experiences.

From your superior and luxurious Amazon lodge, you can enjoy the stunning surroundings and take advantage of a number of our unforgettable adventures.

One of the highlights of your time in the Amazon will be canoeing through the ‘Igapós’ (flooded forests) and ‘Igarapés’ (Amazon streams). Here you will be able to watch and listen as the scenery and sounds of the surrounding forest change as you paddle and explore the typical waterways of the Amazon. While enjoying a spot of piranha fishing or meandering past pink river dolphins you will be able to spot exotic birds flying overhead and hear the calls of the wildlife from deep within the Amazon.

♦ Taking a Jeep tour through Rio de Janeiro
With the wind flowing through your hair, the warmth of the morning sun shining down on you; what could be better than exploring the highlights of the marvelous city of Rio with a 180 degree perspective? Take a deep breath now as this amazing adventure in Rio de Janeiro will expose you to all of the city’s beauty. In your open top Jeep with your local handpicked guide you’ll explore the Tijuca Forest which is the largest urban forest in the world before visiting Corcovado Mountain with its iconic Christ the Redeemer Statue as well as taking in the historical center of Rio.

There is no better way to top off a day filled with the sights and sounds of Rio de Janeiro,  than reaching the top of Sugarloaf Mountain to watch the sunset over this magical city.

From breathing in the fresh sea air as you pass by the famous Copacabana Beach and to listening to the energy and hustle and bustle of Rio’s streets with vendors selling delicious, sweet fresh fruit juices; all your senses will be treated to the samba beat of Rio as you are driven through the city.

♦ The mighty Brazilian side of Iguaçu Falls
Taking in the incomparable view of Iguaçu Falls that left Eleanor Roosevelt saying, ‘Poor Niagara’ when she first saw this natural wonder is in itself one of the top activities in Brazil and in fact the whole of South America. Although the Brazilian side of Iguaçu doesn’t get you as up-close and personal as the Argentinean side, it lays out the spectacular full panorama of the Falls in front of you. The short but sweet trails that zigzag their way through the National Park take you to separate panoramic viewpoints.

From these strategically placed vantage points you’ll be able to surround yourself by Iguacu’s wonder including seeing a side of the San Martin Island which you don’t get to see from the Argentinean Side.

The main spectacle of the Brazilian side of the Falls is by far the view of the awesome Devil’s Throat which cascades 269ft. down a U-shaped cliff. Having a private expert guide take you through the Foz do Iguacu National Park is essential to your experience as they take you deeper into the surrounding jungle of the National Park as well as providing interesting facts and information about Iguazu. The Brazilian side of the Falls also offers some great additions to your half day exploring Iguaçu. Take a boat ride to get a closer view of the Falls and a different perspective of this incredible landscape or alternatively opt for a truly spectacular and once in a lifetime thrill-seeking adventure, with a helicopter ride to see the Falls from above.

Helicopter Iguazu Falls

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