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Exporing the End of the World in Ushuaia, Patagonia

Next up in our series of South America travel blogs from members of the CAT Travel team, we have Jimena from our Buenos Aires, Argentina office. She shares with us some of her favorite pictures and tells us about the time she worked as a tour guide in Ushuaia, way down in southern Argentine Patagonia.

What´s your name and what do you do at CAT Travel?

My name is Jimena and I am from Buenos Aires, Argentina. I have been working in the CAT Travel operations department since 2008.

Me with the Les Eclaireurs Lighthouse

Where are your three favorite places in Latin America and why?

One of my favorite places is Ushuaia, right at the bottom of Argentine Patagonia. I spent three months living and working there and I loved it. I also love the north of Argentina, Salta and Jujuy, because the landscapes and colors are breathtaking and the people there are so kind. Lastly, Buenos Aires, because there is so much to do, and lots of really great places to eat, especially if you like asado!

Can you choose one place and tell us about a time when you visited it?

I spent three months living in Ushuaia and fell in love with the landscapes there. I traveled there with a friend and we both worked as tour guides. It was such a great experience as we got the opportunity to work with amazing people and to show visitors around some of Argentina´s most beautiful places. We also got to learn a lot about the nature and history of Patagonia.

The view over Ushuaia

One of the most beautiful places I visited there was Laguna Escondida. You get there by hiking for about an hour through the most amazing mountain scenery. The Martial Glacier is also beautiful and just five minutes from downtown. It was incredible being surrounded by such amazing nature.

Laguna Escondida

Laguna Escondida

What made the trip so special?

Living in the city at the end of the world is something quite special! Ushuaia on the Tierra del Fuego island is the world´s most southerly city.

What about the food, any recommendations?

The best lamb ever! They have delicious lamb stew which is great comfort food. Also, don´t miss the trout and king crab if you travel to Patagonia.

 What is it about travel in Latin America that you find inspiring?

The people, the culture, the history, the food – the differences that you find across South America are all inspiring for me.

Penguins in Patagonia!

Where´s next on your Latin America travel list and why?

I would like to travel to the Peninsula Valdes and Puerto Madryn to see the whales and enjoy a nice Welsh tea. Gaiman is a small town near Puerto Madryn in Patagonia where they have a strong welsh heritage with lots of tea houses where you can get delicious cakes.