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Discover the Mayan World of Guatemala

Guatemalan Tejedora Textiles

Discover the Mayan World of Guatemala


Guatemala’s a shockingly simple answer when it comes to affording an authentic indigenous experience. Antigua, a UNESCO World Heritage Center beloved for its colorful cobblestone streets, is especially inspiring during this time of year as the city wholly prepares for one of the world’s most elaborate Semana Santas. Don’t panic if you can’t make it – though the Easter festival attracts the city’s greatest artists, textile designers, musicians, and religious figures for a week long celebration – the rest of the city absorbs and holds onto those decorations and contagious energy for visitors who arrive much later.

For well preserved ruins without the lines for Machu Picchu, the ancient Mayan citadel of Tikal is the place to be. Between the northern Guatemalan rainforests, hugged by a green jungle and a thick grey fog, the sleepy ruins of Temple of the Jaguar, Temple IV, and the iconic Lost World Pyramid, still loom. Follow professional guides on a walk back in time to find out why these pre-Colombian treasures are historical heavy-weights. It’s truly a treat when it comes to our learning about the active preservation of the ancient world.

Lake Atitlán is hands down Guatemala’s most awe-inspiring landscape. A sail across its glimmering waters transports visitors to remote, Maya villages – where people to this day, still embrace and practice the intricate traditions which have lasted the test of time. After a long day of unfurling ancient legends and meandering down Antigua’s romantic streets, there isn’t anything much better than relaxing at your boutique hotel, surveying the expanse of blue that reaches beneath the mountains’ silver ridges. 


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