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Cusco Highlights: San Pedro Market

Enjoy a sensory experience at the San Pedro Market

A 10 minute walk from Plaza de Armas, the San Pedro Market in Cusco is guaranteed to tickle your senses and be a memorable experience. While the vibrant colors will keep you wide-eyed and the smell of lomo saltado (stir-fried beef) will flare your nostrils, the sound of local women haggling and fighting for you attention will complete the perfect picture of local Peruvian life. The market provides an abundance of strange produce, such as pig heads for caldo (soup), frogs (to enhance sexual performance) and gallons of exotic fruit juices. The meat section is not for the faint-hearted, here you will find animal carcasses hanging upside down and an unusual variety of animal body parts including sheep heads, cows jaws, chicken feet and tongues. Indeed, nothing goes to waste! If you’re looking to try some local produce, make sure you try some of the local fruits such as lucuma, granadilla or chirimoya! As you move away from the food court, there are traditional clothes, incense and shamanic stalls selling a strange amalgam of trinkets and potions that border on witchcraft and will keep you entertained for hours! San Pedro Market is also a brilliant place to come and buy some souvenirs as prices are lower than the boutiques around Plaza de Armas. You will find an abundance of alpaca sweaters, textiles, bags and jewelry to take home and treasure as a memory of your trip to Cusco and your afternoon spent at the fascinating San Pedro Market. See more of our favorite experiences in Cusco…

San Pedro Market Cusco

Experience the height of local Peruvian life at the San Pedro Market / Source

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