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Cusco Highlights: Sacsayhuaman

Admire the colossal ruins of Sacsayhuaman

This magnificent Inca Fortress echoes the exceptional beauty and unrivaled power of the Inca empire at its prime. Sacsayhuaman offers a unique insight into the spectacular Inca archaeological sites that overlook the sprawling city of Cusco. The great walls of Sacsayhuaman are a part of the puma’s head that once formed the original shape of Cusco. The fortress comprises of three terraced walls, which supposedly outline the teeth of the puma. The simple but effective construction techniques display one of the best examples of pre-Columbian masonry in the Americas, available to our eyes today. The foundations came from the Yucay limestone, located approximately 9 miles (15 km) from the construction site and each were estimated to weigh over 120 tons. So precise was their masonry that some blocks of stone had faces cut to fit as many as 36 sides. The exact purpose and builder of Sacsayhuaman remains unknown, however the sheer size of the site makes it unlikely to have been the work of only one Inca. It further appears that the architectural wonder was never completed, even after 20,000 men had worked on its construction for 50 years. The site was also scene to the most famous battle between the Inca and the Spanish and although the Spanish leader Juan Pizarro was killed, the Spanish managed to scale the great walls of the fortress and drive the Inca out. Whether you’d rather hear the fascinating accounts of the end of the Inca empire or simply admire the colossal ruins of this ancient fortress, Sacsayhuaman will leave its mark on you. Don’t miss out on this unforgettable experience! See more of our favorite experiences in Cusco…


Gaze upon the colossal stones at the Sacsayhuaman ruins

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