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Costa Rica Hotel Interview: Christmas & New Year in Tamarindo at Hotel Tamarindo Diria

♦ Please include a brief introduction about yourself, your position and Hotel Tamarindo Diria.
My name is Kathya Porras and I’m the Tour & Travel Sales Manager at the Hotel Tamarindo Diria Beach Resort located in Tamarindo in the Guanacaste region of Costa Rica. I graduated from University with a degree in Hotel Operations and since then I have dedicated the last 20 years working in tourism. I have been a part of the Tamarindo Diria Hotel for the last 8 years and compared to the 3 other hotels that I have worked for during my 20 years in hospitality, the Tamarindo Diria has been the best for three basic reasons:

  1. It is a 100% Costa Rican hotel
  2. It has a prime location in the area of Guanacaste
  3. The Tamarindo Diria Hotel has existed for more than 40 years, has lots of culture and it’s not an all inclusive hotel.
Hotel Tamarindo Diria's swimming pool

One of the four swimming pools at the Hotel Tamarindo Diria

♦ Why do you think that Tamarindo is the perfect place to visit for Christmas & New Year’s Eve
The town has a wide variety of facilities available for those visiting Tamarindo at Christmas and the New Year as well as throughout the year. There are great restaurants, shops, banks, bars, nightclubs and amazing tours in and around Guanacaste. It is the perfect place for families, friends, couples and anyone really. The white sand of Tamarindo Beach and the town’s amenities means that today, Tamarindo is the most visited town in the Guanacaste area.

♦ Do you have any special celebrations going on or near your hotel during Christmas & New Year’s Eve?
Every year our hotel puts on a wonderful New Year’s Eve party. We provide delicious food, live music, a carnival atmosphere and put on a great fireworks display. However, in  order to enjoy our marvelous event you have to be a guest staying at our hotel.

♦ What is your stand-out Tamarindo memory at Christmas or New Year’s Eve?
The fireworks display is beautiful and it is my favorite memory of New Year’s Eve and Christmas in Tamarindo. I love how everyone at the hotel and the guests all get together to watch them as the different colors light up the night sky.

Hotel Tamarindo Diria, Tamarindo

Watch the Tamarindo sunset from your ocean view room

♦ How do Costa Ricans celebrate Christmas and New Year’s Eve?
As you probably saw in the news during the World Cup Costa Ricans love to celebrate and there is no doubt that when it comes to Christmas and New Year’s Eve we always enjoy celebrating this special time in the true joyous and Tico way.

♦ What is the Christmas and New Year’s Eve activity you would recommend to people staying at Hotel Tamarindo Diria?
I would honestly recommend that they share their Christmas and New Year’s Eve with us at the hotel. Our events and facilities are unmatched in Guanacaste! Our guests can relax the next day on the beach or continue to enjoy our wide range of hotel services from practicing their swing at our private driving range to taking a stroll through our 5 acres of manicured beachfront gardens and much more.

♦ What advice would you give to travelers coming to Tamarindo during the Holiday period?
To enjoy themselves and the beauty of Tamarindo a lot but to also be cautious on the streets as well as the places they go, where they walk and while shopping around for activities in the area.

Hotel Tamarindo Diria, Tamarindo

Relax on the Hotel Tamarindo Diria’s manicured beachfront gardens

♦ What is Tamarindo like to visit during Christmas and New Year’s Eve?
It is a peak time with a lot of people who come for the great weather, beaches and nature. There are of course a number of parties to celebrate both Christmas and New Year and the town has a real joyous atmosphere.

♦ Where and what is the best Christmas and New Year’s Eve celebration in Tamarindo?
In the Hotel Tamarindo Diria of course! But as I mentioned earlier if you want to be able to be part of the best Christmas and New Year celebration in Tamarindo, you have to be a hotel guest.

♦ Please can you share with us a special story/legend from Christmas or New Year’s Eve about Costa Rica or Tamarindo?
Every year the Carnival that is prepared at the Hotel Tamarindo Diria Beach Resort is always filled with so much delight. It’s nice to simply sit and watch as families, friends and couples come together to enjoy this time of year happily and healthily.

♦ What will are you going to be asking from Santa this year for Christmas?
A lot of good health and work 🙂

Tamarindo Beach

Spend this Christmas and New Year on Tamarindo’s beaches

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