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Colombia: South America’s Phoenix from the Flames

Colombia has a natural and cultural diversity matched by very few countries. Boasting all the allure of South America and more, with breath-taking landscapes and authentic, cultural experiences, Colombia has become South America’s phoenix from the flames.

Moving with travel trends, recognizing the incredible rebirth of Colombia and meeting the needs of our travelers, we are extremely proud and excited to announce that we are now providing travel services in Colombia.

Providing unforgettable private guided travel experiences in Colombia with guaranteed year round departures, there is no better way or time to explore Colombia. From its colonial charm, varied landscapes and remarkable culture and history to discover; start your Colombia journey with our brief overview of some of Colombia’s highlight destinations.

Cartagena de Indias, Colombia

Explore the colorful & beautiful colonial streets of Cartagena / Source

♦ Cartagena & Rosario Islands

Cartagena de Indias is a stunning fairytale city located on Colombia’s Caribbean coast. With beautifully preserved colonial buildings, the historical center of Cartagena is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Explore the enchanting maze of cobblestone streets, flower-covered balconies and impressive squares that will have you enthralled in the exquisite romance of Cartagena.

Lying just off the coast of Cartagena and a short journey from the city’s white sandy beaches is the archipelago of the Islas del Rosario (Rosario Islands). Surrounded by vibrant coral reefs and where the sea will show you an immeasurable mix of azures and blues.

Islas del Rosario, Colombia

Marvel at the Cartagena skyline from the nearby paradise of the Rosario Islands

♦ Coffee Region

The Coffee Region of Colombia is an area of breath-taking natural beauty in particular the Cocora Valley where you will be surrounded by coffee plantations, tall wax palm trees and endless vistas across the rolling landscape.

Famous worldwide for its aromatic coffee, the Zona Cafetera (Coffee Region) of Colombia prizes its coffee beans marrying years of tradition with the natural and cultural diversity of the region.

Explore the working fincas (coffee farms) and learn about the coffee-making process from bean to cup which is especially captivating during the busy harvest seasons of April and May and from October to December.

Cocora Valley, Colombia

Soak up the breath-taking views of the Cocora Valley in Colombia’s Coffee Region / Source

♦ Bogota

In the center of the Andes, Bogota is the capital and largest city in Colombia. The engaging and vibrant atmosphere of the city surrounded by the impressive peaks of the Andes makes Bogota the beating heart of Colombia.

A melting pot of people from all over Colombia gives Bogota its diverse culture and this eclectic mix is mirrored by its modern high-rise buildings combined with charming examples of its colonial past.

The city’s colonial and cultural epicenter is found in La Candelaria where the cobblestone historic streets are home to a plethora of activity. Further demonstrating the contrast of Bogota, the north of Bogota in the Zona Rosa is filled with boutique hotels and gourmet restaurants.

Plaza Bolivar in Bogota, Colombia

Discover the colonial beauty of Colombia’s capital city of Bogota / Source

♦ Medellin

Known as the ‘City of Eternal Spring’ the moderate year-round climate of Medellin is just part of this city’s attraction. The city of Medellin has an impressive skyline of high-rise modern buildings against the backdrop of the surrounding narrow peaks.

Once exploring Medellin which is Colombia’s second largest city, you will find an engaging atmosphere in what has become the Silicon Valley of South America.

Beating New York to the Wall Street Journal’s ‘2013 World City of Innovation Award’, Medellin has stunning modern architecture and an exciting character that will sweep you off your feet. Medellin offers an abundance of activities from exploring the mountains that surround Medellin to relaxing in the numerous parks, public spaces and libraries or taking in city’s museums and cultural events.

Plaza de Cisneros & Parque de las Luces in Medellin, Colombia

Explore the contemporary & cultural city of Medellin / Source

♦ Santa Marta & Tayrona National Park

The oldest city in Colombia and the second continuously inhabited city in South America, Santa Marta is one of Colombia’s most important cities on the Caribbean coast.

With an extensive history and charming center dating back to its foundation in 1525 the city of Santa Marta is as inviting as its white sandy beaches and warm Caribbean Sea.

Santa Marta is home to a number of boutique hotels, romantic restaurants and lively bars, that as a base destination will meet your every need and give you a taste of Colombia’s Caribbean flavor. The main attraction to Santa Marta is the verdant Tayrona National Park that stretches along Colombia’s Caribbean Coast, covering some 12,000 hectares of land and 3,000 hectares of sea. From vibrant rainforest to dry arid desert and of course paradise beaches, Tayrona is undeniably diverse and is accompanied by a rich history and culture dating back to the indigenous Tayrona people.

Tayrona National Park, Santa Marta

Relax surrounded by the verdant & tropical nature of the Tayrona National Park / Source

♦ San Andres Island

San Andres is the epitome of a paradisiacal Caribbean island. Just under 500 miles northwest of Colombia, San Andres is covered in coconut palms, white sandy beaches and surrounded by a mix of greens and blues that has gained the name of the Sea of 7 Colors.

With over 40 scuba diving sites at the third largest barrier reef in the world, the surrounding islands and cays of San Andres are just a short boat journey away where you can relax on deserted beaches and enjoy feeling like Robinson Crusoe.

San Andres and the rest of the idyllic islands that make up the archipelago have an especially strong and colorful Caribbean atmosphere with Creole English being spoken by locals.

San Andres Island, Colombia

Travel to San Andres Island & find heaven on earth / Source

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