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Central America Holiday Season Getaways

The holiday season is drawing ever closer and the temperatures are continuing to fall in North America making you begin to search for a quick, last minute getaway. However, sun-kissed white sandy beaches, azure waters, exotic wildlife and exciting, colorful cultures are waiting for you just a short flight away in Central America. Lying just south of the border is a world waiting to be explored, enjoyed and leave you amazed with its beauty and history that will have you making this short journey in an instant. Whether you choose to relax on the heavenly beaches of Belize, experience being a Costa Rican cowboy or cowgirl for the day or explore the monumental Mayan culture of Guatemala; discover just how accessible Central America is and the adventures waiting to be had.

Xunantunich, Cayo District in Belize

An unforgettable vacation in Central America is just a short journey away

♦ Belize’s beaches beat The Hamptons year-round

You may or may not enjoy visiting The Hamptons during the summer months in North America; however with the summer season lasting just a few months you’ll be quickly searching for that beach getaway. Just over a 6 hour flight from New York, you can be lapping up the beauty of Belize with its warm Caribbean waters, part of the Central American jungle and historical Mayan ruins. With English as its official language, there’s no need to begin your Rosetta Stone language course just yet making traveling down to Central America that little bit more accessible. With a shorter flight time from New York to Belize than from New York to California you can be exploring Belize’s impressive Xunantunich and Caracol Maya ruins and relaxing on its paradisiacal Caribbean island of Ambergris Caye in no time at all!

Ambergris Caye, Belize

Explore Belize’s heavenly holiday season escapes

♦ Ride with real cowboys in wild, wild Costa Rica

Just over a 5.5 hour flight from the wild west of Texas, you can be sporting your Stetson, huge metal belt buckle and trying out your new squint and tight-lipped smile sooner than you think in the plains of Costa Rica! Galloping your way through the open, diverse and nature-filled landscapes of Costa Rica with the sabañeros (Costa Rican cowboys) is just one adventure you can enjoy in this adrenaline-pumping destination. No matter what type of vacation you are searching for, Costa Rica will meet your every need and want. From enjoying water activities on the Pacific and Caribbean coastlines, zip-lining your way through the verdant cloud forest or scaling an active volcano before relaxing on a picture-perfect white sandy beach; you won’t be disappointed. With such a varied landscape, range of destinations, activities and wildlife, you can explore one of the most protected natural environments in the world while enjoying the luxurious eco-friendly accommodation that has made Costa Rica such a unique destination.

Sabaneros, Costa Rica

Discover the adventures and travel experiences waiting for you in Costa Rica

♦ Seeing real Maya ruins in Guatemala beats any green screen

With flights from Los Angeles to Guatemala taking just over 4.5 hours, why would you ever sacrifice exploring the Maya ruins and culture of Guatemala for the green screens of Hollywood? Guatemala is one of the most diverse countries in Central America, allowing you to explore Antigua’s preserved colonial grandeur, Lake Atitlan’s mouth-watering beauty and Tikal’s mind-blowing Mayan ruins. Many believe the Mayan civilization to be dead however, in Guatemala this incredible civilization is still very much alive and offers the unique opportunity to see it in its rawest form. From attending shaman ceremonies in the hills surrounding the spellbinding beauty of Lake Atitlan or taking a walk through untouched Mayan archaeological sites, the Mayan influence is everywhere for you to enjoy. Like its many bustling and traditional markets, Guatemala is one of the most colorful travel experiences on the planet.

Tikal, Guatemala

Travel back in time as you immerse yourself in Guatemala’s Mayan culture and history

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