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CAT Traveler Stories: Machu Picchu and the Galapagos Islands

This is the first post in our new Traveler Stories series, in which you´ll be able to take a look inside the photo albums of some recent CAT travelers. First up Jane and Scott Piercy who decided to mark the momentous occasion of their 25th wedding anniversary (congratulations you two!) with a trip to two places that they had each been fascinated with for a long time – The Galapagos Islands and Machu Picchu (great taste we say!).

Jane and Scott were kind enough to share some memories from their Galapagos Cruise and Machu Picchu trip with us, along with some really great pictures. Here´s their story!

Jane and Scott in the Galapagos Islands

♦ Why did you choose this trip?

When I studied Spanish in college, I became intrigued by the Incan culture and have wanted to visit Machu Picchu since then.  The Galapagos Islands were something my husband always wanted to visit. We saw that Class Adventure Travel offered a combined trip, so we thought this was the perfect opportunity.

♦ What was your favorite part of the trip?

Wow….that’s a hard one.  Every part of the trip was fantastic.

♦ Which was your favorite hotel and why?

The Inkaterra La Casona was the best hotel we have ever stayed at, anywhere.

Machu Picchu – This one seemed to capture the mysticism of the place – so awe-inspiring!

♦ Who was your favorite guide and what did they show you? 

Jeremy was our favorite guide in Cuzco…he showed us Cuzco and the Sacred Valley and did a great job of communicating the interesting Incan and Peruvian cultures.

♦ Did you take photos? If so, which is your favorite photo and why? 

Yes, we took many pictures.  My husband’s favorite picture is of the blue footed boobie doing a mating dance with his wings out.  My favorite was  taken in Machu Picchu.

The impressive Boobie mating dance – Scott´s favorite!

♦ What part of your trip will you never forget?

The experience I felt as I viewed the magnitude of Machu Picchu but honestly, the entire trip.  One thing that was particularly remarkable was the reliability and professionalism of the private guides that CAT arranged for us.

This photo shows how incredibly friendly and approachable the wildlife were on the Island. This boobie was posing with our guide!

♦ Do you have any other stories to share with us?

We just can’t say enough about how fabulous this trip was.  We have heard many of our friends ask how we arranged a trip like this and our only answer is that we couldn’t have done it without the expertise of Class Adventure Travel.

We are not big-time nature tourist types, but I could not get enough of these Sea Lions. They were so fun to watch! I can’t imagine ever getting tired of that!


♦ Here’s a great video Jane and Scott put together all about their anniversary trip!

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