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Casapueblo in Punta Del Este, Uruguay

Punta Del Este, Uruguay, known for its high profile nightlife in the summers and gorgeous beaches year round is also the site of a beautiful work from famed artist, Carlos Páez Vilaró. Celebrated for his work as a painter, sculptor, writer, and composer among many other talents, Páez Vilaró enjoys his deserved success and acclaim from around the world. You can not only see one of his great works in Punta Del Este, but you can stay in it, too! Casapueblo was originally a tiny building, on a deserted stretch of cliff side property about 20 minutes from the downtown area. He lived in the building, slowly adding on to the structure. Modeled after the mud nests from the surrounding regions native horneo birds, he covered his sprawling compound in cement painted white in beautiful formations.

The building is an homage to his son, Carlitos Paez, one of the 16 surviving members of the legendary Uruguayan Air Force flight 571 crash in the Andes. It was eventually turned in to a hotel and gallery, though he still retains a private residence on the property from where he works to this day. You can stay in one of these unique rooms, or just visit for a few hours. An art gallery onsite gets visitor familiar with his work, while a documentary in a small theater, lets them get familiar with the artist. A small restaurant with large terraces also provides a perfect place to soak in the beauty of the building itself, or even the sunset over the ocean.


It was a sad, cloudy day when we visited, but there are some really beautiful pictures (and more info!) on The Well-Appointed Catwalk. If you’d like to include a visit to Punta Del Este and Casapueblo on your South America tour, just talk to one of our Travel Specialists!