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Carnival in Barranquilla

Colombia’s Incredible Carnival in Barranquilla

Outside of Brazil, there is really only one place that should be on your Carnival-radar…the Barranquilla Carnival in Colombia! Situated on Colombia’s Caribbean coastline, Barranquilla offers a paradisiacal Carnival experience and an unrivaled peek into Colombia’s Caribbean culture and traditions. You may be surprised to hear that the second largest Carnival in the world isn’t in Brazil but is in fact Colombia’s Barranquilla Carnival, only behind the Rio Carnival in numbers. Dating back to the 19th Century, the Barranquilla Carnival received a UNESCO honor as a declared World Masterpiece of the Oral and Intangible Heritage of Humanity. The Barranquilla Carnival is a genuine, and one of a kind show as the city goes into permanent party overdrive while firmly rooted in age-old traditions and origins of its local people, cultures and history. Although the party atmosphere can be felt for weeks before and after, the Carnival officially runs for 4 days on the Saturday, Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday that precede Ash Wednesday. Travelers have a much more intimate and personal experience at the Carnival in Barranquilla as they are ushered and welcomed with open arms into the procession. The music, vibrant colors and weather on Colombia’s Caribbean Coast will bring a never-ending smile to your face as well as to those around you, young and old alike. See more of the best places to celebrate Carnival in South America…

Barranquilla Carnival in Colombia

Discover the magic of Colombia’s Carnival in Barranquilla / Rewriting the Map/Emanuel Echeverri

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