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Astrid y Gaston Latin America's Best Restaurant 2013

The first ever Latin America’s 50 Best Restaurants List has been received yesterday, September 4th 2013. The big winner (Latin America’s Best Restaurant) was Astrid y Gaston, opened 10 years ago by the Peruvian chef Gaston Acurio. Gaston has been Peru’s most well-known chef for decades, think about the cookbooks, culinary TV shows and restaurants from Bogota to Madrid. We’ve lately named Astrid y Gaston as our favorite fine-dining experience in Lima, none of our travelers should miss out on this threat.

Astrid y Gaston award winners

Astrid y Gaston

Although Gaston Acurio nowadays owns restaurants all of the world, it all started back in 1994 in Miraflores, Lima. This restaurant still remains his signature eatery. The couple is passionate about their mix of Mediterranean with classic Peruvian techniques and not to forget, each dish as some of their own characters.

The restaurant offers an a la carte option that includes several of Gaston’s signature dishes like, the traditional Peruvian Ceviche and another Peruvian classic known as Lomo Saltado. The Peking guinea pig might be the best pick for those who are looking for a complete surprise.

Alongside the a la carte options and the ‘traditional’ tasting menu, there’s also a new and intriguing tasting menu. El Viaje’ is the title of the latest winter tasting menu, the one for winter 2013. El Viaje tells the story of two remote villages which are brought together by fate. During each of the five acts, the dishes, music, clothing, decoration, tableware and the book that accompanies the experience, will narrate the turning points that define this life journey.

Astrid y Gaston best restaurant 2013

The first Latin America’s 50 Best Restaurants Awards

Latin America’s 50 Best Restaurant list and awards was this year organized for the first time in history by Restaurant Magazine. The list is created from Latin America’s 50 Best Restaurants Academy, an influential group of over 250 leaders in the restaurant industry across Latin America, each selected for their expert opinion of Latin America’s restaurant scene.

The complete list

1 Astrid y Gastón, Peru

2 D.O.M., Brazil (Best in Brazil)

3 Pujol, Mexico (Chefs’ Choice and Best in Mexico)

4 Central, Peru

5 Mani, Brazil

6 Biko, Mexico

7 Malabar, Peru

8 Boragó, Chile (Best in Chile)

9 Tegui, Argentina (Best in Argentina)

10 Roberta Sudbrack, Brazil

11 Maido, Peru

12 Pangea, Mexico

13 Rafael, Peru

14 Fiesta, Peru

15 La Mar, Peru

16 Mocotó, Brazil

17 La Cabrera, Argentina

18 Tomo 1, Argentina

19 Criterión, Colombia (Best in Colombia)

20 Parador La Huella, Uruguay (Best in Uruguay)

21 Quintonil, Mexico

22 Harry Sasson, Colombia

23 Fasano, Brazil

24 Andrés Carne de Res, Colombia

25 Alto, Venezuela (Best in Venezuela)

26 Merotoro, Mexico

27 Oviedo, Argentina

28 Chila, Argentina

29 Sucre, Argentina

30 Corazon de Tierra, Mexico

31 Aramburu, Argentina

32 Attimo, Brazil

33 Pura Tierra, Argentina

34 Casa Oaxaca Hotel, Mexico

35 Olympe, Brazil

36 Sud 777, Mexico

37 Francis Mallmann 1884, Argentina

38 Remanso do Bosque, Brazil

39 El Baqueano, Argentina

40 Unik, Argentina

41 Epice, Brazil

42 La Bourgogne, Uruguay

43 Pitiona, Mexico

44 Paraje Arévalo, Argentina

45 Casa Umare, Argentina

46 Laja, Mexico

47 El Cielo, Colombia

48 Osaka, Chile

49 Hernán Gipponi Restaurante, Argentina

50 Elena, Argentina

Source:  Latin America’s 50 Best Restaurants 2013 sponsored by Cusqueña