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A Tango Show in Buenos Aires at La Ventana

Tango is synonymous with Buenos Aires. It drives its own tourist industry single handedly. The tango dancers here are the best in the world, and very fun to watch. So, when La Ventana invited us to come see one of the most popular tango shows in the city, we gratefully accepted, ready to see more of these skilled performers. We were not disappointed.

La Ventana is a restored conventillo (boarding house) in San Telmo, the oldest neighborhood of Buenos Aires. Three different rooms offer a range of tango and folkloric performers, accompanied by a talented orchestra. We had the pleasure of experiencing the Salon Gala.

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You can choose a dinner option to enjoy before the show, which I would highly recommend. Three courses of your choosing accompanied by wine or a range of non alcoholic beverages makes a great lead in to the show. Just to make you properly jealous, I must say that the filet was probably the best steak I’ve ever had in my life. It is worth your plane ticket to Buenos Aires just to eat that steak. The salmon carpaccio to start and malbec pear ice cream deliciousness for dessert were just lovely as well.

The show boasts a range of traditional performances. The talented tango couples appear throughout the program, changing costumes and dance styles to brandish their full range of skills. Moods switch from playful to somber, deeply in love to deeply in lust. It’s great! The traditional folkloric performers were a huge treat as well. The style of music and dancing was highly entertaining and one I was especially glad was included in addition to the tango. Their dance seems flirtatious, playfully twirling scarfs with raised arms. The energetic performer that created fantastic rhythms with boleadoras (hunting tools basically consisting of polished stones at the end of long ropes) was a crowd favorite. Accomplished musicians and singers rounded out the entertaining line up.

You aren’t allowed to take photos during the show, but luckily, La Ventana has some really beautiful ones already. You can see the ever changing set on their website.

Of course, we had to take the opportunity to enjoy a little stage time with the dancers. They encourage pictures and offer quick tango instructions before the show for those interested. For a more in depth and lengthy class to really let you dive in to the action, La Ventana offers that as well. We had a fantastic evening and are excited to share this experience with our interested travelers.

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