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A Final Ride on the A-Line in Buenos Aires

It happens often, but it still stings a little every time… another historical landmark bites the dust. This weekend, we bid farewell to the beloved subway cars of the A-line in Buenos Aires, which has used the exact same cars on that track since 1913. As the first underground subway in South America (& even the Southern Hemisphere!) and the 13th in the world, this line highlighted the wealth and abilities of this bustling city. Fancy new trains are headed our way to replace the 100 year old beauties that have come to be known as a destination in themselves on a visit to Buenos Aires.

I had to go visit the A-line just one more time before the trains were retired. It seems everyone else had the same idea. I found crowded platforms, cameras unabashedly out and smiles all around. It was tight a tight squeeze at some stops, but nobody seemed to mind. It was actually a quite festive feeling. The details of the cars, such as bevelled mirrors, styled woodwork and glass light fixtures were admired and documented time and again by cell phones cameras and professional equipment alike. It was really nice, this going away party. A hundred years of service appreciated and celebrated from end to end.

A-Line in Buenos Aires

Unfortunately, in my excitement, I forgot my camera. So please enjoy this lovely photo via flyertalk.


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