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5 Unique Passport Stamps in South America

The passport stamp. The ultimate souvenir and badge of honor for the traveler. Who knew stamp collections could be so fun? In South America, there are a few unique stamps that you’ll want to add to your wishlist.

Easter Island

Although a part of Chile, this unique remote location known for the large Moai statues will stamp your passport at their local post office. For a few pesos, this little novelty is well worth the price to count among your collection.

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Galapagos Islands 

Famous for the abundance of wildlife, it’s only fitting that these islands should send you home with a couple by which to remember them. It seems that tortoises surf on hammer head sharks in this paradise.

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Middle of the World

While you’re in Ecuador, be sure to swing by the Ciudad Mitad del Mundo, or the Middle of the World City. This strip of land falls at the Earth’s equator (or pretty near it). At the famous monument, you’ll find shops, restaurants and fun gravity tricks being performed. You can also get the stamp to prove it.

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Machu Picchu 

It’s on your list, we know. You’ve been planning this trip for a lifetime and now this one of a kind place can stand out in your passport with a one of a kind stamp. That memory deserves to travel with you! As a bonus, if you decide to hike the ancient Inca trail up to Machu Picchu, you get even more stamps at check points along the way.

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The End of the World 

Finally, after you’ve jetted all over South America, it’s time for the end… the end of the world. Ushuaia is the southernmost city in the world and traveling this far deserves one more little token to remind you just how far you’ve come.

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Even though these are novelty stamps, they’re sure fun to add in among the collection with your other South America tours. So, travelers…What’s your favorite stamp? Or, what’s on your wishlist?