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Planning your next vacation to Central, South, or Latin America doesn’t need to be complicated. Class Adventure Travel has the knowledge and experience to make it simple, ensuring that every experience is uniquely yours. Contact us to start planning.

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We have experts in 6 countries to assist in planning a perfect vacation to Latin America.

Beautiful Countries.

We’re based in the USA, but our team lives and works in the countries we want you to see. Explore our country guides below and contact us to start planning your adventure.


Where to visit in South America is dependent on the type of experience you’d prefer and when you plan to travel. There’s something to suit all interests – from the tango-filled streets of Buenos Aires to visiting the ancient Inca Citadel of Machu Picchu. Discover the countries and learn which adventure is for you.


The wonders of Peru await your arrival, including ancient Inca sites of Machu Picchu & the Inca Trail, beautifully handwoven textiles, Amazonian pink dolphins, smiling llamas, impressive Inca ruins, and pristine colonial cities. Peru provides travelers with an endless show of both ancient and modern ecosystems and cultures.


Argentina is so diverse it can be hard to decide where to start exploring. From the dramatic sun-kissed mountains in the north to the stunning frozen landscapes of Patagonia, the natural scenery of Argentina provides numerous sublime views.


Bolivia’s charm lies in its vast contrasts between the indigenous and European cultures, the jungle and high-altitude mountains, and activities from adrenaline sports to exploring ancient monuments. It’s a country worth savoring.


Brazil puts on a stunning display of natural wonders, samba beats and, what we believe are the world’s most idyllic beaches. South America’s giant, Brazil is a vibrant and unique travel experience that will surpass all of your expectations.


Offering a magnificent combination of indigenous cultures, mesmerizing scenery and a vast variety of wildlife, Chile is one of South America’s must-visit destinations. Stretching over 3,000 miles from north to south, Chile covers over half of South America’s length.


Colombia has become one of the world’s top travel destinations. From the Andes to the Caribbean beaches, Colombia showcases its natural beauty along with mysterious archaeological sites, colonial treasures and thriving cities with the best of what South America offers.


Situated between Nicaragua and Panama, Costa Rica enjoys the unique benefit of having both the Pacific and Caribbean coasts both within a stone’s​ throw. Because of its prosperity and safety, Costa Rica is often referred to as the Switzerland of Central America.

How We Work.

Class Adventure Travel doesn’t just take bookings. We create itineraries. We listen to your needs and customize an adventure uniquely yours.


We start by getting to know you – what you like, where you’ve been before, and what’s on your bucket list. We want to tailor your adventure to your unique style and needs.


Taking what we know about you, we’ll use our own experience, expertise, and vast resources to craft your options.


With those options, we’ll work with you to perfect your trip, suggesting details and not-to-be-missed experiences. This is where you’ll receive the full benefit of working with us!


The details matter. We take the headache out of ensuring every hotel is booked and every experience is reserved.



Our vacation planners have lived and worked in the countries we send you to. We know them intimately.

Staff in Country

We really do live and work in the countries we sell. Have an issue? We’re here!

Stability of USA Ops

Our regional offices are in Latin America – but our headquarters is in Austin, Texas. You get the best of both worlds!

Direct Pricing

We work directly with the hotels and other companies in each country – we know our partners personally.

Time Savings vs DIY

Sure, you can plan travel on the internet yourself. But can you call the internet if something isn’t how you expected it to be?


We don’t just package and sell travel components. We curate experiences for you based on what we’ve done – personally, and also for our clients!

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